1. I can’t stop thinking about this Vegan Nutella. Ahh! I made it last weekend and couldn’t stop sneaking bites out of the container everyday.
  2. It’s almost officially summertime and in Colorado that means… HAIL! And no, I don’t mean HAIL SEITAN. I mean crazy random hail storms that leave little dents all over my car and crack my windshield in half. Fun.
  3. I have the redecorating itch. Have you seen this IKEA hack? Might be necessary.
  4. Our favorite Indian restaurant is temporarily closed because of hail damage. What’s your favorite veggie korma recipe? We tried making it like three times already and still can’t get it like the restaurant makes it. We’re determined, can’t you tell?
  5. We finished binge watching The Keepers on Netflix and now we’re on to the new Bloodline episodes. Craaaazy stuff! Obsessed.
  6. We tried taking our cat for a walk outside on a leash. She hated it. Kept trying to hide in bushes and then made a bee-line back to the apartment once Matt wasn’t looking. I’ve never seen her run that fast in my life. Poor kitty.
  7. Have you tried sour beer? It’s too good! So tart. My favorite at the moment. I’ve been ordering it every time I see it on the menu which probably isn’t too good for my beer belly.
  8. This weekend, I went on my first hike since having hip surgery in October. I’m still on a total high from the hike because I barely had any pain! I’ve also been doing home yoga practices more frequently. I’m a tiny bit sore but seeing progress everyday is so motivating. I don’t want to jinx it but I think everything is going to be okay.
May 29, 2017
June 14, 2017