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Vegan Struffoli

Vegan Struffoli / Italian Honey Balls by Pasta-based.

Struffoli aka HONEY BALLS! are a traditional Italian delicacy that you most often find around Christmas-time. There’s nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning, opening presents around the Christmas tree with your family, and then digging into a mountain of honey balls.


Chocolate Lavender Biscotti

A chocolate lavender biscotti leaning on top of other biscotti on a white table. Lavender and almonds sprinkled around the table.

There’s something about lavender that’s so trendy right now. I’ve been seeing lavender everywhere. Have you ever had a lavender latte before? The first time I had a lavender latte was maybe a year ago. I thought it would be totally weird, lavender and coffee? ehhhhh.. I dunnooo… but I was HOOKED after the first sip. Now anytime I go into a coffee shop and they have lavender on the menu, you know I’m getting a pump or two. If you haven’t yet tried a lavender latte, do it! You’re welcome.