About Us


Pasta-based is a website devoted to mostly Italian, plant-based cooking and baking. I'm Stephanie and along with my boyfriend, Matt, we've been on a plant-based journey since February 2016. It was somewhat of an overnight decision to go vegan after watching a few documentaries on the subject - but it has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Growing up in an Italian-American family in a neighborhood where there's a pizzeria on every corner, I had a hard time giving up my childhood favorites. That's why I'm dedicated to providing simple, delicious recipes that remind me of the food I had growing up, making taste a top-priority and using only plant-based ingredients.

About Us

We met during our senior year of college and became best friends on the spot. Since 2011, we've done pretty much everything together - from working at liquor stores, to landing jobs in New York, and heading out West to Colorado.

We currently live in Denver, Colorado with our sassy tabby cat, Silvia, enjoying the peaceful mountain air outside our one-bedroom condo.



Stephanie works full-time as a graphic designer and creates recipes on the weekends. She grew up in an Italian family but loves cooking all types of cuisine. You'll most likely find her at the Botanic Gardens with her camera in one hand and an iced almond milk latte in the other.



Matt started his career in the Wine & Spirits industry and currently spends his weekdays working at the biggest distributor in the US. He loves playing sports, hiking and getting outdoors in general. He also loves photographing the Colorado mountains and wildlife.

About Our Recipes

Within the first week of dating, Matt cooked Stephanie a yummy pasta dinner and we knew that cooking together was going to be a big part of our relationship. We like to "veganize" recipes that we grew up with and we also like to try new recipes too.

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