Vegan Lasagna Bowls

Vegan Lasagna Bowl by Pasta-based. All the ingredients of a lasagna but in a bowl! A close-up shot of a bowl filled with lasagna ingredients: wavy lasagne noodles, vegan meat sauce made with cauliflower and walnuts, and vegan ricotta cheese. Matt is holding a fork coming in from the left side and taking a forkful of the cheesy, saucy deliciousness.

This Vegan Lasagna Bowl recipe is basically a lasagna… in a bowl! Who would have thunk that? Ha! It’s everything that you love about lasagna – the meaty sauce, the ricotta cheese, and the wavy noodles, without all the baking time.


Nut Free Vegan Pesto

This recipe for basil pesto is completely vegan and nut-free. It’s packed with fresh basil, garlic, and sunflower seeds. It’s creamy with the perfect texture for pasta, pizza, bread, and more.

Different ways you can use basil pesto:
In pasta, obviously! Our favorite recipe to use pesto in is this Brussels…

Vegan White Bean Alfredo

This Vegan White Bean Alfredo recipe is creamy, cheesy, and packed with flavor. Who would have ever guessed that you can make an alfredo sauce using a can of white beans. This recipe is healthy, low-calorie, and low-fat so you don’t have to feel bad about going back for…