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Creamy Alfredo Sauce

Creamy Vegan Alfredo Sauce by Pasta-based.

Creamy, velvety, easy to make, alfredo sauce that’s 100% vegan! PUH-LEEZ tell me this is a real thing in the world? What was that? Oh wait… it is?! OH EM GEE. Friends, you do not want to miss out on this recipe.

This plant-based alfredo sauce is made with 10 simple and natural ingredients including cauliflower, garlic, shallots, and nutritional yeast. That’s right – no processed vegan cream cheese or butter!


Vegan Meat Sauce

Vegan Cauliflower Walnut Bolognese by Pasta-based. Detailed view of a forkful of cauliflower walnut bolognese sauce/vegan meat sauce with farfalle pasta.

This recipe for chunky, cauliflower walnut meat sauce is one of those weeknight recipes we threw together that came out amazing on the first try. Inspired by a recipe we once made for cauliflower walnut taco meat. This is the Italian version of that. It’s meaty texture is enough to fool any vegan skeptic. It reminds me of the same meat sauce my mom made growing up, except there’s no meat involved.