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Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

A large plate filled with angel hair pasta in a sun dried tomato, white wine, vegetable broth sauce. Also on the table is a glass of white wine and a wine cork, slices of Italian bread, a squeezed lemon, a fork with a wooden handle, cloves of garlic, and a dark grey cloth.

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Broccoli: fresh and delicious! ?

Let me tell you something, I never cooked with sun dried tomatoes before. Yeah – it’s true. I remember one pasta salad that my mom used to buy from the market when I was younger and I would pick out all the sun dried tomatoes and eat around them. It’s not that I didn’t like them, but yeah, I guess I didn’t like them….


Vegan Vodka Sauce

This Vegan Penne alla Vodka Sauce recipe is creamy, luscious, and easy to put together. Growing up, I’d call this sauce “pink sauce” and always thought of it as a mix between alfredo and marinara. While making a vegan version of this recipe, we decided to add a smoky tempeh “pancetta” to emphasize the traditional version of this dish.

Vegan Vodka Sauce by Pasta-based. Creamy, rich, luscious, smooth tomato and cashew cream sauce.